About us


Chiayao Muse Lin

Muse is creative director and founder of AQUSPI CREATION. She gained work experience as senior graphic designer and color-material (CMF) designer in Japan and in the US. Her design projects can be found in the large global corporations as well as in the small businesses nearby. "My passion is creating something unique, personal and special for the people"

2012 Founder of Aquspi Creation GmbH
2010 Married and relocated to Switzerland
2007 Senior graphic designer at Sony Corp. LA, USA
2003 CMF & graphic designer at Sony Corp. Tokyo, Japan
2003 Received BFA at Nihon University Tokyo, Japan
1999 Comic Columnist at Newspaper "The China Times", Taiwan
1996 Moved to Tokyo, Japan
Born in Taiwan
2009 Red dot Design Award (Walkmanphone W890i)
2006 Good Design Award (Walkmanphone W42S)
1998 Tong-Li Publishing StarGirls comic New face Award third place
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